How do I give?

How to Give — Giving Online & Automated Giving

You’re welcome to give in our services using an offering envelope, but if you’re interested in what could be a more convenient and reliable way to give, Click here.

I don’t know about you, but I can be forgetful at times. Knowing that about myself, I make sure that I do everything I can to keep from forgetting the important stuff. For instance, I put reminders in my phone for my friends and family’s birthdays, anniversaries, etc. When I think something someone says to me is important, I write it down to remember it. If I think it’s really important, I’ll even write it on a sticky note and put it on my computer, my bathroom mirror, or some other place that I’ll see it often. I do something similar with my finances. All of my bills are automated – they are paid automatically so that I don’t ever forget and have to deal with late charges. I automate what’s important to me so that I can be counted on despite my forgetfulness. The same goes for my tithe, missions pledge, and anything else I give to God. 
From our giving portal, you have the ability to automate your giving to Green Bay First. If you’re committed to it, why not make sure it happens by setting it up to be done automatically without you even having to think about it? After you do new user registration (you just have to do this once) or login, click on “Scheduled Giving”.  From there, you set up your giving schedule and begin automating your giving to Green Bay First. Do us a favor and choose “use check” at the top righthand corner unless giving via your bank account (rather than using a card) is not an option for you. 

How to Give — Text Giving
Another way you can give at Green Bay First is through texting. This is the most convenient and fast way to give by far! To get started and give $1, you simply text the number 1 to (920)933-1433 from your smart phone and go through the registration (it takes about 90 seconds to complete). Once that one-time registration is done, you can text any amount to that number at anytime from anywhere to give. You can even specify what fund to give to by texting a number and the name of the fund. For instance, if you wanted to give $100 to missions, after the initial setup you simply text “100 missions” to the number above and you’ll be good to go. If you don’t specifiy a fund, whatever amount you send will automatically go into the general tithe/offering fund. It’s an awesome, convenient way to give that we know you’ll enjoy! 

How to Give — In the Offering on Sunday Morning
The only reason we have so many ways to give is for your convenience. Obviously, if you aren’t into giving online or via text, you are always welcome to stick a check or cash in an offering envelope on Sunday morning and drop it in the offering bags. You can even mail your tithe check in monthly if that’s easier for you.